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⚠️Warning.. Gastrointestinal Virus doing the rounds in Dogs.

Vets are reporting higher than usual occurrence of a new strain of a gastrointestinal virus in dogs. The British Veterinary Association advise that with prompt veterinary treatment, almost all dogs make a full recover.

The symptoms are as follows..

Prolific vomiting of 5 or more episodes in a 12 hour period, which can stop for a while (eg; overnight) then re-occur in the morning.

Dogs are unable to keep water down at peak vomiting stage.

Anorexia & lethargy for 2 to 5 days.


Full recovery 5 - 10 days.

The illness is most likely a virus but as yet not identified, not caused by parvovirus or salmonella. The safety and care of all the dogs at 4paws1st is our priority.

Therefore alongside our usual health and safety requirements we will be adopting the following.

Keeping dogs away from busy parks and areas that dogs have been known to contract the virus.

Ensuring no dogs drink outside rain water.

Keeping dogs on leads in public areas.

Cleaning paws after a walk.

We will remain vigilant at all times and if we have any concerns we will contact the owners immediately.


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