Our Services

Here at 4 Paws 1st, we offer Dog Walking, Puppy Training and Pet Visits. For more information on each of these click on the links below. 


Dog Walking


Puppy Training


Pet Visits

We offer Off Lead Play

We receive many enquiries from pet owners wishing to socialise their dogs with other dogs.  Therefore we offer 'Off Lead Play' which allows your pet to have a little fun.  We slowly introduce your dog with one or two other dogs at a time & depending on how they all interact we may take them on a group walk with the owners agreement. We walk no more than 5 dogs  with a minimum of 2 walkers.


We offer Group Dog Walks

With our Group Dog Walks, there will never be more than 5 dogs in a group alongside 2 dog walkers.  A supply of water is on hand at all times especially for our elderly dogs who may desire a drink during a walk.  As a precaution, we also carry a first aid kit for any doggie 'mishaps.'